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About The Practice

Our practice is located at a very central and accessable location in Lahore. Our curteous staff and facilities are specifically tuned to handle plastic surgery patients from all over Pakistan and Abroad. An increasing number of patients from Middle East, Europe and United States are benefiting from cost of cosmetic surgery at our state of the art exclusive facility. Special arrangements can be made available for our overseas patients including pick and drop from Allama Iqbal International Airport and extended stay at four and five star hotels in Lahore. We are also fully conscious of the privacy of our patients undergoing cosmetic surgery.

During consultation, you will learn about plastic surgery and specifically detailed informaiton about your desired procedures and any alternative choices. We are equiped to provide full range of cosmetic and reconstractive Plastic Surgery Procedures at our facility. Instead of surgery many patients may benefit from several non invasive treatment options that we offer such as:

  • Botox injections
  • Dermaplaning
  • Restylane and collagen injections
  • Several different skin peels
  • Intensive skin care
  • Laser treatments

Plastic surgery is an art, it is like sculpture and requires meticulous attention to detail to get the best possible result. Skill and judgment come with proper training and experience. We tailor our treatment and surgical plan to the individual patient and only perform operations that have been proven to be safe and effective with short recovery period. We do not believe in making exaggerated calims. We guide our patients through the entire process, from preoperative consultation to final healing.

Our highest priority is to leave you looking absolutely natural. We are dedicated to the highest standards of patient welfare and surgical excellence.

Choosing a qualified Surgeon

No matter what type of plastic surgery you are considering, one of the most important factors in its success is the surgeon you choose. Altough it may seem hard to believe, some of the physcians, who are advertising and performing cosmetic surgery today, have had no formal plastic surgery training at all. Even multiple qualifications listed on their ads and publicity materials are Spurious.

Surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery complete a minimum of six years of formal surgical training following medical school, including plastic surgery residency program. That provides them an intensive learning experience to perform cosmatic and reconstructive plastic surgical procedures for the entire body and face as well as technical skill and aesthetic judgment.



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