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Surgical Facility

Our facility has been designed, purpose built and equipped for Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.

Our surgical suite comprises of two modern operation theatres with state of the art machinery for patient monitoring and safety, and every piece of equipment necessary for various cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedures. The surgical suite includes a fully equipped recovery room and instrument sterilization area.

Our operating room staff is trained, professional and experienced to handle Plastic Surgery patients. All our equipment is regularly inspected in order to maintain highest sterility and infection control standards. We only use qualified and experienced anesthesiologists.

Out Patient Surgery

A good number of our patients undergoing minor procedures are operated under local anesthesia and are able to go home soon after their surgery with appropriate instruction for care and follow up visits.

Same Day Surgery

Many of our patients following operation under general anesthesia or sedation are fully recovered and can be discharged same day within a few hours after surgery. A relative or friend must accompany them upon discharge and complete post operative instructions are provided.

In Patient Facilities

Patients undergoing major surgery under general anesthesia and those requiring close post-operative observation are admitted in our in patient facility under supervision of trained nursing staff. Our private rooms are comfortably furnished and have facility to telephone, T.V. fridge and air conditioning. A cot can also be provided for attendant in the room.



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